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"...the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times..."  (1 Chron. 12:



    School of the Spirit
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Testimonies of Changed Lives
Discernment in the End Time
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Information about
School of the Spirit

None scheduled at this time

The curriculum  strongly emphasizes experiencing spiritual truth
as well as practical application.

Kingdom Life Church
Fort Mill, SC

  For information call 803-802-5057. de). 
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Ministry Update

Highlights include:

Students from our classes ministering - We have been getting good reports about our students from the Discernment classes. They  have been actively ministering what they learned in our classes. 

Giftings ignited -  A number of those called to leadership positions and to ministry have been set free from roadblocks in their lives, had dormant giftings ignited, and have been able to move forward in ministry.- 

Victims of abuse healed - Many who have been molested have been emotionally healed and set free from the torment of the past.

Color blindness healed - A young man experienced emotional healing and was also healed of color blindness.

Multiple Personalities integrated - A man suffering from multiple personality disorder experienced an integration and has been free of any manifestations of this disorder for over a year.

Weight loss following emotional healing - A woman testified that she had received an emotional healing at one of our meetings last spring, which led to physical healing of a weight problem, and she had lost about 100 lbs over a few months time. The Lord also provided a new wardrobe for her! (We believe that we are going to see more and more physical healings as a result of emotional healings!)

Baptism into Unity - A pastor received a deep work of the Spirit which resulted simultaneously in all leadership experiencing a powerful baptism into spiritual unity. (This is desperately needed in the Body at large!)

Discerning the Body of Christ - A staff pastor testified that she received an impartation of discerning of spirits and began to experience spirit to spirit communion with members of the congregation. Watchman Nee said that a broken man never misses a move in another man’s spirit. This is truly “discerning the body of Christ”. (The body of Christ must begin to know one another after the spirit and not after the fl

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Testimonies of Changed Lives 

Letters from those blessed by this ministry say:

Seymour, CT - "I know that I’ve been given freedom from so much because of the healing God has done through your ministry….I am filled with joy that God has healed me but my real joy comes from knowing I can be more effective as His servant.”

Charlotte, NC— "I can already see a difference in our marriage. Also the freedom I have felt ...has been beyond anything I felt before.”

Greer, SC- "We [the church] will never be the same. You have opened a whole new dimension of the realm of the Spirit to us...There is an awesome anointing on the both of you and it was so evident this weekend.”

Brentwood, NH - "I...experienced tremendous breakthroughs...I have not only recovered but been catapulted forward.”

New Bern, NC -"I have been able to pray with more freedom...A new level of faith was deposited."

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Learning to Receive and Dispatch Divine Orders
Dennis Clark

Christian animated Ark of God

In the past much prayer was based on nothing more than observing needs.  Observed need can seem so overwhelming that we send out "shotgun prayers" instead of having divine laser beam focus. We must be able to discern the purposes of God, the time, and the strategy. The Lord is emphasizing all kinds of prayer to me right now, but in order to accurately hit the mark, "listening prayer" seems to be taking on an even more significant role. It is vital to get the agenda  from our Commander in Chief.  Jim Goll had a vision of an army marching on their knees. The foot soldiers do not go into battle without first receiving orders from the general. 

Our spiritual ears must be attentive to perceive  spiritual promptings both in the prayer closet and also in the circumstances of everyday life by consecrating ourselves to His purposes as well as seeking His agenda. A greater sensitivity is needed concerning other people and circumstances to know when, how, and how long to intercede.

The prerequisite to being able to  pray effectively  through submitting to God's strategy is going to be through listening prayer, which is sitting at the feet of Jesus. A disciple learns at the feet of his master. "The Lord God has given me the tongue of the the learned [a disciple], that I should know how [how] to speak a word in season [when] to him who [target and agenda] is weary. He awakens me morning by morning, He awakens my ear to hear as the learned [a disciple] (Isaiah 50:4)" 

May the next Great Awakening bring an awakening of our ears to hear and the obedience to pray the  prayer requests of God (Psalm 40:6-8)!

(For more information on Listening Prayer see materials listed at the Online Store.)

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Necessity of Discernment  in the End Time 
What the Prophets Declare

A primary emphasis of Full Stature Ministries is the gift of discerning of spirits and true discernment in the Body of Christ. Because of this we would like to share these  prophetic words on this topic.

In the Shepherd's Rod for the year 20001, Prophet Bob Jones declares, "The general theme for this year's Shepherd's Rod continues to be highlighted with issues related to the preparation necessary to confront the times ahead. Quite frankly, there were many themes we anticipated were going to be addressed that were not. Instead, in His infinite wisdom, the Lord has disclosed greater insights into His heart and the great truths that He desires for His church to embrace to equip and prepare her [emphasis mine]."

One of the most notable promises given this year is the release of spiritual discernment on a greatly heightened scale , Universally, the church has been dreadfully lacking in spiritual discernment. Not only is spiritual sensitivity  needed in rightly dividing the Word but also in discerning one another within the Body and the revelations given to us by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is going to release the spiritual provision allowing us to rightly discern the Body. Words of knowledge will be released pinpointing our needs in the spirit, soul, and body of individual believers, and in the corporate church [emphasis mine]."

Prophet Bill Hamon states in his book, The Eternal Church2, that, "Those Christian groups who do not have a mature proven ministry in their midst with the gift of discerning of spirits  are going to be placed in precarious situations... The true Church will not judge after the seeing of the eye, or hearing of the ear, but will judge [discern] in the righteousness of God by the spirit of discernment. Those who are saturated with the whole Word of God, who have the love of God in their hearts, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, and know the eternal purpose of God for His Church will not be led astray [emphasis mine]."

1 Jones, Bob and David, Keith, Shepherd's Rod 2000. The Prophetic Ministry of Bob Jones and Keith Davis, www.bobjones.org/srod/Oct. 13, 1999.

2 Hamon, W. S. Bill, The Eternal Church. (Phoenix, Arizona, Christian International, 1981), 345-346.

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Images of New Haven

Paris, France

Paris, France


Living God Fellowship, Pastors Collins and Cheryl Lein
View In the Berkshire Mountains

Living God Fellowship, Pastors Collins and Cheryl Lein
April In Great Barrington, MA

 Ministering at the church of Pastor Brian and Candy Simmons, Gateway Christian Fellowship 
John Ireland Bandstand in West Haven, CT

Ministering at Evangelical Charismatic Center
View of Boston, MA

A view uptown
With Pastor Brian and Candy Simmons of West Haven, CT
Visit to New York City, Broadway

With Pastor Brian and Candy Simmons of West Haven, CT
Visit to New York City, Times Square

Ministering at Grace, Tabernacle, Brentwood, NH
Exeter Inn in New Hampshire
Near  The Ark Church,  Cashiers, NC
In the Smoky Mountains

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Fishkill, NY in the Hudson River Valley

Ministry trip to Van, Texas

Ministering at Vineyard Christian Fellowship 
Located in Greenville, SC

Ministering at Valley Harvest Ministries 
Mountains of Virginia - Dublin, VA

School of the Spirit, Sturbridge Worship Center 
Covered Bridge in Sturbridge, MA

School of the Spirit, Sturbridge Worship Center 
Old Gristmill in Sturbridge, MA

Ministry at Dominion Community Church, Greer, SC
Passing through Peach Country

Ministry trip to New Bern, NC
On the Coast of North Carolina

Women's Aglow Seminar
New Bern, NC

Altar Ministry at New Bern, NC

Historic Clock Tower, New Bern, NC New Bern, NC
Ministry trip to Connecticut - "Tourist" Day with Pastor Dale and Eunice Fife
Mystic Seaport, CT
Ministry trip to Connecticut - "Tourist" Day with Pastor Dale and Eunice Fife
Mystic Seaport, CT



A Family in Saltillo Mexico - Child's Ear Healed

Praying for Mexican Pastor

Pastor's Conference in Mexico


Russian Orthodox Church, St. Petersburg

Staff of Christ Church, St. Petersburg

Street Ministry - Ukranian Man Requesting Prayer

A Girl Who Received Christ in the Park - St Petersburg









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